Welcome to the icanhire Phoenix Module mini-site where you can find out how to become one of our assemblers working from home part time. The Phoenix Module is a device that is fitted to vehicles to allow remote control over some of the basic vehicle functions. We are a vehicle sharing company and the module is used to allow our customers to use vehicles parked in their communities.

We believe that renting a car or van should be as easy as if you actually owned it. You should be able to find a vehicle close to you, jump in and go. Car sharing is the only practical way to significantly reduce pollution and congestion without forfeiting the right to individual transportation
You can find out more about car sharing by visiting the Car Plus website.

icanhire.com is a platform for renting vehicles in this manner. Our vehicles are parked in communities and available for residents and businesses to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at just a moments notice. We are committed to the continued development and unique assembly process of the Phoenix Module and this site is for those wishing to become one of our assemblers and for those already involved.

We believe in flexibility and convenience. Our product is built on these principles, but so is our organisation. Most of our workforce work from home either full or part time. We're taking the same approach to the assembly of our modules. We could have them assembled in a factory in bulk, but we'd rather have enthusiastic individuals doing it from home. Sure, it costs us more to do it this way, but we're keeping flexible and empowering individuals to earn a bit of extra cash in a truly unique and rewarding way.

Interested? Find out more by reading Become an Assembler and if you still think this is the kind of thing you want to get involved in then head over to our simple application form and tell us a bit more about yourself.